All We Need Is Love

“For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.” ~Audrey Hepburn

"All you need is love, love is all you need."
~The Beatles
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    ~The Passionate Chef ~ turned 1 today!

    Just a Thought for Today

    If you keep faith, love yourself, and keep trying, things will eventually start to turn around. (….and sometimes you just need to listen to your husband :-) lol ) Hope everyone is having a great day!

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    Love Thy Neighbor

    Today I want to talk about why we don’t follow this simple practice anymore. Why is it so hard for people to share a little care and kindness to your fellow man? This is something that has really been bothering me lately. I was raised to treat others as I wish to be treated by them. All I gotta say about that is so far people have shown me that it doesn’t work that way. My husband and I have always been nice to people, even if they didn’t really deserve it. And still, we seem to always get treated badly by those people. The last two people we lived with did us that way. Just kicked us out on the street with a baby and no place to really go. Why, you might ask? The only thing I can think of is selfishness. Or possibly, they are just the kind of people who get pleasure out of seeing others suffer, because it secretly makes them feel better about their own pathetic lives. But then again, what do I know? The only things I know are that I love my family, friends, and God, that we always make it out okay, that I believe in Karma, and that you can’t give up. So far, people have shown me the bad in this world. And believe me it has not been a pretty picture. Our world sure can be an ugly place. But I know that it can also be a nice place, where people are still kind to each other. A few people have shown me this. So there is still hope, and I won’t give up. I do, however, hope that other’s are like me and don’t give up either. Now is a good time to stick together because a few can make a big difference. Well at least that’s what my Papa would say.

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    All The Small Things. What Do You Love?

    Do you ever have those days when you start to notice that you are just repeating an everyday routine? Do you ever get sick of it and just feel a need to stop? I get like that sometimes. Lately, I have been feeling like that. I feel like I have just been doing the same thing everyday and that I haven’t been paying attention to the little things; the really important things. For example, taking time for my health. Like is this other life stuff so important that I can’t take a few minutes to stop and do some yoga or try to go to sleep earlier, or get up early enough to go to the therapist office? Why do we let life get so busy? I feel like I haven’t taken much time to spend with my husband. It’s like we just got stuck in this routine that we do all the time and we stopped taking time to pay attention to each other; to spend quality time together. Every couple goes through this. And it has nothing to do with the so called “3 year snooze” or the infamous “7 year itch”. This is just something that happens when we get too focused on the everyday normality instead of taking time to just ask your significant other how their day was. Why is it that we stop paying attention to the little things? We get into a routine and before we know it we stop flirting, we stop playing around, we stop laughing. Instead these emotions are replaced by yawning, falling asleep on the couch, and basic conversation. This, however, is nothing that can’t be fixed. And for that I’m glad. I think the best thing I can do is to just STOP. If I just slow down and pay more attention to the little things, everything will work out. If I get more sleep, I’ll feel better, be happier, laugh more. If I’m happier, I’ll be more fun to be around, I’ll flirt with my husband, and play with our son. I’ll have more energy. If I take time to talk to my husband he’ll feel better too. And all this can happen by just, stopping to “smell the roses”, by getting sleep, by paying attention to the more important things; like my husband, our son, my dog, and myself. It’s been said that you must first love yourself. I believe that you must first love yourself and then love those who you can’t live without. They say life is too short, well yes it is. It’s too short to pay attention to anything other than the things that are most important to you. Sometimes we don’t realize what is truly important but if you take time to find out you will know. It’s up to you. So….what’s important to you? What do you love?

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    Valentine’s Day: Forever and Always

    So yesterday was Valentine’s day and I’ll have to say the day didn’t start out so great. We ended up waking up way earlier than we normally do and my husband got basically screwed out of his last check at his ex job, so we didn’t have any money to pay our bills or get a bottle of wine for our Valentine’s celebration. Not to mention, we were looking into pawning our gold wedding rings on Valentine’s day of all days. Luckily the money they were trying to give us for them wasn’t even worth it. My husband was angry abut the whole situation and I was devastated and emotional. We tried for most of the day to figure out ways to get money for our bills but it seemed that you can get help with your rent, your utilities, gas vouchers, and food. You can even get discounted phone service and discounted internet service, but nobody will help you with a car payment so it won’t be late. So by the time we had to go start cooking dinner, we still had no money for our car payment. This was such a terrible thing for us since we just lost our home, and my husband his job. We don’t want to loose our car too. But what could we do accept go back to where we are staying and cook dinner. So we went “home” and cooked these delicious white lasagna roll ups. Then we went to my in law’s for a little Valentine’s party, and then back “home”. Where I got to watch the new Three Musketeers movie and enjoy white chocolate covered strawberries with my love. And after looking back over the day, I realize that there were some good things that happened throughout the day too. We did win lunch from the radio. I also got given some new nail polish from my mom, who also gave us an HP touch pad, and $50 to PF Changs. Plus, our baby boy got new clothes and a new toy and he is always so happy. And my love got me a little sock monkey with a heart on it’s sweater, and this pink heart necklace with pink heart earrings. He bought it for me a long time ago but it was so sweet. I love it! The bottom line is that no matter what we have, we at least have each other. Things are rough right now. But they will get better. At least I have my husband and our son. They are my life and my love. I couldn’t be happier with anybody else. That’s why Valentine’s day was good, because my husband didn’t have work, and we got to actually spend the day together. Because at least we have each other. Happy Valentine’s day everyone! And try to remember the little things. If money is tight and you didn’t get flowers chocolate or a nice dinner yesterday, try to think about the person or people you spent it with, even if you are single and you spent it with friends and/or family, be thankful you at least have people who love and care about. Hope you all had a great day.

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