All We Need Is Love

“For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.” ~Audrey Hepburn

"All you need is love, love is all you need."
~The Beatles
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  • Respect Your Life. You Only Have One.

    Well if you didn’t know, last Sunday a lot of people were celebrating what they call “Respect Life Sunday”. “Why?” you might ask. Well it is because those people, myself included, stand up for rights for life. This is also known as pro-life, but as to not get all super political (I am by no means political. I much rather dislike politics and government for the most part). However, this is a particular subject that I am very fond of. For those of you who really know me, know that I am all for people having equal rights, people being able to enjoy life to the fullest, completely and most definitely against abortion and suicide (well most things that do with taking ones life or someone else’s life), I’m a full supporter of open adoption, and although life can, for lack of a better term, be a bitch; life does have it’s moments. Those times that special to us, the memories we make, and the moments that form us into the people we one day become. And I ask you, who are we to take that away from someone? I certainly don’t want to deny anyone the right to live their life to the fullest they may desire. And again I ask you, if you agree with the previous statement, then how can you deny a person the right to be born?

    Here is something to think about. Now just humor me for a moment and seriously think about the following statement. Do you realize that everyone who is making this decision to deny life to these people, are alive and living their lives freely? This means that they themselves, at one point in time, were as people say “fetuses” in their own mothers wombs, and their mothers also had a “choice” as they like to say. Now considering that all of these people are in fact as I said before, “alive and living freely” would it be safe to say that their mothers made a good choice? I ask you now seriously think about this. What if their mothers had said “no” and decided to have an abortion? What if your mother had also chosen to do the same? 

    The reality of it is simple. All these people say “oh it’s a choice”. But they seem to not realize that these so called “choices” also have consequences. The simple reality of this truth is that if your mother or their mothers had made that choice, none of you would be here. You wouldn’t have been able to remember your first grade teacher, or be the lead in your middle school play or be voted the MVP of your sports team, or get asked out to your high school prom by that guy you really like. You wouldn’t have the opportunity to graduate high school or to get to choose to go to that out of state party school you’ve been dreaming about all of your senior year of high school. You wouldn’t get the opportunity to get married or have kids of your own, or at the very least make a little bit of a difference in this fucking crazy messed up world that we live in.

    You wouldn’t exist. If any of you believe in Karma or a higher cosmic power then you might understand what I’m about to explain, and if not just please bare with me. I believe that people are in certain places at certain times for certain reasons. I believe that the things we do and the kinds of people we are, or like the energy that we put out is there for a reason. We don’t know this reason and maybe we won’t understand it until later, or maybe we won’t understand it at all, but it’s important. For example, let’s say that a boy was suppose to walk his girlfriend home from school and for some reason wasn’t there to walk her home, so then his girlfriend got kidnapped and possibly killed, and her family never saw her again. That boy was suppose to be there, but he wasn’t. That girl’s life wouldn’t be the same without him. Her family’s lives wouldn’t be the same without him. If that boy hadn’t been born, these people, the girl, her family, her friends, would all be affected by the boy in a round about sense, in that scenario. See we all have meaning and purpose. We don’t know what it is but we all are important, even those who aren’t born yet.

    The unborn are just like us. Their hearts beat (at about 6-7 weeks) same as ours, and they bleed same as we do. When they die we should be sad, just like we are when someone we’ve known for years dies. Why this seems to not make sense to people I can’t even begin to understand. Why people choose to live in denial is beyond me. I understand what it feels like to get pregnant too young, or to have what most people would call an “unwanted pregnancy”. I call it an “unexpected pregnancy” but most definitely not unwanted. Neither one of the boys I gave birth to could ever be thought of as unwanted or without love because I love them both very much. And it is true, this world would be a very different place without them. And who knows, they might grow up to do something great (even if it is something small). 

    Well to bring my little speech to an end, my point for talking about respecting life is simply this: if you are in a state where they are voting to change the definition of a person and child, please vote “yes” (in Colorado it is Amendment 67). And even if you aren’t in a state where they are voting on it yet, just keep this in mind; life begins at conception, you yourself were once a baby in your mother’s womb in the very same situation. Your mother chose life, so what do you think you should chose for others? Do you want to deny life or respect it? I chose to respect life. I hope all of you who have read this feel the same or that at the very least this leaves you thinking about it. Remember the babies are counting on you to let them have a chance to live their lives to the fullest. 

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    ~The Passionate Chef ~ turned 1 today!

    Just a Thought for Today

    If you keep faith, love yourself, and keep trying, things will eventually start to turn around. (….and sometimes you just need to listen to your husband :-) lol ) Hope everyone is having a great day!

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    Love Thy Neighbor

    Today I want to talk about why we don’t follow this simple practice anymore. Why is it so hard for people to share a little care and kindness to your fellow man? This is something that has really been bothering me lately. I was raised to treat others as I wish to be treated by them. All I gotta say about that is so far people have shown me that it doesn’t work that way. My husband and I have always been nice to people, even if they didn’t really deserve it. And still, we seem to always get treated badly by those people. The last two people we lived with did us that way. Just kicked us out on the street with a baby and no place to really go. Why, you might ask? The only thing I can think of is selfishness. Or possibly, they are just the kind of people who get pleasure out of seeing others suffer, because it secretly makes them feel better about their own pathetic lives. But then again, what do I know? The only things I know are that I love my family, friends, and God, that we always make it out okay, that I believe in Karma, and that you can’t give up. So far, people have shown me the bad in this world. And believe me it has not been a pretty picture. Our world sure can be an ugly place. But I know that it can also be a nice place, where people are still kind to each other. A few people have shown me this. So there is still hope, and I won’t give up. I do, however, hope that other’s are like me and don’t give up either. Now is a good time to stick together because a few can make a big difference. Well at least that’s what my Papa would say.

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    All The Small Things. What Do You Love?

    Do you ever have those days when you start to notice that you are just repeating an everyday routine? Do you ever get sick of it and just feel a need to stop? I get like that sometimes. Lately, I have been feeling like that. I feel like I have just been doing the same thing everyday and that I haven’t been paying attention to the little things; the really important things. For example, taking time for my health. Like is this other life stuff so important that I can’t take a few minutes to stop and do some yoga or try to go to sleep earlier, or get up early enough to go to the therapist office? Why do we let life get so busy? I feel like I haven’t taken much time to spend with my husband. It’s like we just got stuck in this routine that we do all the time and we stopped taking time to pay attention to each other; to spend quality time together. Every couple goes through this. And it has nothing to do with the so called “3 year snooze” or the infamous “7 year itch”. This is just something that happens when we get too focused on the everyday normality instead of taking time to just ask your significant other how their day was. Why is it that we stop paying attention to the little things? We get into a routine and before we know it we stop flirting, we stop playing around, we stop laughing. Instead these emotions are replaced by yawning, falling asleep on the couch, and basic conversation. This, however, is nothing that can’t be fixed. And for that I’m glad. I think the best thing I can do is to just STOP. If I just slow down and pay more attention to the little things, everything will work out. If I get more sleep, I’ll feel better, be happier, laugh more. If I’m happier, I’ll be more fun to be around, I’ll flirt with my husband, and play with our son. I’ll have more energy. If I take time to talk to my husband he’ll feel better too. And all this can happen by just, stopping to “smell the roses”, by getting sleep, by paying attention to the more important things; like my husband, our son, my dog, and myself. It’s been said that you must first love yourself. I believe that you must first love yourself and then love those who you can’t live without. They say life is too short, well yes it is. It’s too short to pay attention to anything other than the things that are most important to you. Sometimes we don’t realize what is truly important but if you take time to find out you will know. It’s up to you. So….what’s important to you? What do you love?

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